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Exceeding Expectations One Patient at a Time

Dr. Kodkany's Eye Centre

Dr. Kodkany's Eye Centre

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Dr. Kodkany & his late wife Dr. Kamal, both gynaecologists, belonged to a lower middle class family and met each other at the Bombay Hospital in the 60’s. Their respective mentors, Prof V. N Shirodkar & Prof, B. N. Purandare, we're globally renowned teachers.

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Dr. Bhalchandra & Dr. Kamal

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V. N. Shirodkar

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B. N. Purandare with Dr. Kamal

They were Married on 14th February 1965, and started their practise in Bombay thereafter. 

Dr. Kodkany’s long time school friend Dr M V Ginde, Radiologist, had his consulting Room right next door.

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Late Dr B S Jirge, JNMC’s Founder Dean, convinced the Kodkany’s to move to Belgaum during the visit to Dr. Ginde in Bombay.

The Kodkany’s sojourn with the KLE Society’s JNMC began on Monday the 3rd January 1966, with Dr. Bhalchandra as HOD Dept. of Gynaecology.

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Old Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Belgaum

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District Hospital

During thr early seventies, Dr Kodkany’s Maternity and Nursing home was independently established at Maruti Galli.

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A significant chapter in the history of the Kodkany's in Belgaum was the birth of their daughter, SHILPA on 12 / December / 1966.

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Dr. Kamal, with consent from KLE BOM, resigned from JNMC, to focus on Shilpa and other responsibilities.

Dr. Kodkany's and Dr. M. M. Joshi have been friends for decades thanks to their association via masonic Lodge. He fondly remembers the surgery performed on his uncle in Hubli with care and precision.

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The Kodkany’s too had a dream of building their own advanced Hospital dedicated to Women’s Reproductive & Newborn Health in the early 1970’s Inspite of many attempts to do so they faced many hurdles.

The Opening of the facility at Ayodhya near is a culmination of Dr. Shilpa’s parents dream.

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It has been 50 years journey for Dr. B. S. Kodkany's at KLE’s JNMC. Since his joining JNMC he continued as HOD Gynaecology and after his superannuation, headed the Medical Education Cell, and Later the Research Unit.​

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Dr. Kodkany’s respect for the devotion of KLE’s saptarishis is palpable. He cherishes the esteem and camaraderie that was bestowed upon him but this remarkable organisation.

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His gratitude toward the Society and its legendary Chairman, Dr. Prabhakar Kore, for having facilitated Shilpa’s admission to MBBS and, to M S ophthalmology is permanent and lasting.

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It is his firm belief that was possible since Dr. Kamal was the quiet and graceful force behind this journey. 

Dr . Kamal had an untimely demise in April 2000, and the Kodkany household had plunged into inconsolable grief.

However, it was the Gogte’s, Rajasahed & Ranisheb of Kurundwad, The Kore’s and Patson Group who really brought them back in the mainstream of life.

The Kodkany’s are forever indebted to them.

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Dr Shilpa Kodkany's, honed her skills in Mumbai at Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai, and Somaiya Hospital, Mumbai.

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Jaslok Hospital

Somaiya Hospital

In Mumbai, her knowledge and skills were nurtured by stalwarts such as Dr. Ashok Shroff . Also, exposure to advanced surgical techniques such as FACO/ Emulsification were gained.

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Dr. Shilpa realised that she was blessed with the skills of her father Dr. Bhalchandra Possessed, I:e rapid hand/ equipment movement, resulting in fast surgeries.

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In the year 2000 Belgaum beckoned and thereafter Shilpa joined her Medical Alma Mater, JNMC, as an Assistant Professor, with an Attachment to KLE Hospital.

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In Feb/ 2001, Dr. Shilpa established a consulting Practise at Maruti Galli and named this “Dr. Kodkany’s Eye Centre"

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Dr. Shilpa continued to focus on gaining clinical expertise and also on academic excellence by presenting research papers and instruction courses at conferences and forums internationally and national.

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She was promoted to Associate Professor status in 2008

Each year since year 2000, on December 18, the date of birth of her mother, Dr. Kamla, Dr Shilpa conducts free eye surgeries.

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From the year 2008 until year 2014, thanks to encouragement by Dr. Prabhakar Kore, Dr. Shilpa and Dr. Madhuri Dixit engaged in Refractive Practise at KLE’s Samadevi Galli Facility and performed “Lasik" Surgery.

After Dr. Shilpa’s marriage in 2007 to Kirti Nerlekar, Gouri, entered their lives in 2008.

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Dr. Shilpa found a balance between her professional life involving Medical practise, and family that revolved around Gouri.

After 2008 Dr. Kodakny’s Eye centre became a full fledged Eye Hospital.

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Dr. Shilpa Has found fond memories of her association with Dr. Neeta Deshpande with whom she conducted numerous compass and other events related to Diabetes which has a strong connection with the eye.

Today, Kodkany's Eye Care Centre at Maruti Galli can be summed up by top notch offerings. Furthermore.

It is the first hospital, in 2016, in private sector in Belagavi  to have received HOTA permission from the Government of Karnataka for Corneal Transplants.

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It received NABH accreditation in 2017 that led to further improvements in processes and delivery of medical care at Kodkany’s Eye Centre

It also offers Retinal Surgeries 

Today while KEC has an unmatched presence at Maruti Galli, Dr. Shilpa. 

After reviewing its current top ranked standing in Belagavi, coupled with her desire to do more for tomorrow, arrived at this conclusion.

With limited scope for expansion of sub-specialities at Maruti Galli and Other amenities there, it was time to provide patients with larger facility. Hence was born the idea for a branch at Ayodhya Nagar, Belagavi.

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KEC at Ayodhya Nagar will be defined by:

Newer Sub-specialities

Two operation Theatres with state of art technology

Post operative care in well designed rooms/ areas.

CME Workshops in a specially designated CME Room.

World class ambience 

Better Parking facilities for patients 

KEC will continue to operate at Maruti Galli too.

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