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Dr. Kodkany's Eye Centre

Dr. Kodkany's Eye Centre

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Dr. Kodkany & his late wife Dr. Kamal, both gynaecologists, belonged to a lower middle class family and met each other at the Bombay Hospital in the 60’s. Their respective mentors, Prof V. N Shirodkar & Prof, B. N. Purandare, we're globally renowned teachers.

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Dr. Bhalchandra & Dr. Kamal

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V. N. Shirodkar

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B. N. Purandare with Dr. Kamal

They were Married on 14th February 1965, and started their practise in Bombay thereafter. 

Dr. Kodkany’s long time school friend Dr M V Ginde, Radiologist, had his consulting Room right next door.

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Late Dr B S Jirge, JNMC’s Founder Dean, convinced the Kodkany’s to move to Belgaum during the visit to Dr. Ginde in Bombay.

The Kodkany’s sojourn with the KLE Society’s JNMC began on Monday the 3rd January 1966, with Dr. Bhalchandra as HOD Dept. of Gynaecology.

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Old Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Belgaum