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Successful Zepto Cataract Surgeries at Dr Kodkany’s Eye Centre, Belagavi

Zepto Cataract Surgery Patients
A few Zepto Cataract surgery patients with Dr. Shilpa Kodkany

ZEPTO Cataract Surgery, one of the latest innovations in Technology, was introduced at Dr. Kodkany’s Eye Centre in February 2019. It is the only centre in Belagavi district to have this technology and we conducted successful surgeries over a period of two months.

Zepto cataract surgery provides robotic precision while making an opening in the cataract. It reduces surgical time, provides faster recovery and Highest safety Standards.

We are thankful to the patients patients who have put their belief in us and have appreciated the benefit of this technology for better visual outcomes.

To celebrate the success of these surgeries,We recently organised a get together with patients who underwent Zepto Cataract Surgery and also to know their post operative experience with the use of ZEPTO. The Chief Guest for this event was Dr. H. B. Rajshekhar, Dean - USM KLE, who is a renowned Physician and a staunch believer in the use of latest technology for the benefit of patients. He spoke highly of the techniques used to have better visual outcomes for Cataract surgeries and praised the robotic precision with which ZEPTO

Cataract surgeries are done. He was accompanied by Dr. B. S. Kodkany, a renowned gynaecologist and researcher and also a great pillar of support to us.

The patients who underwent Zepto Cataract Surgery were ecstatic to share their experience with everyone. They appreciated the initiative taken by Dr. Shilpa Kodkany to bring in the Zepto technology to the city of Belagavi. Dr. Shilpa Kodkany gave a small presentation about the procedure of Zepto Cataract Surgery.

On behalf of Dr. Kodkany’s Eye Centre, we sincerely thank every patient who has believed in us and have been a part of making ZEPTO Cataract Surgery one of the best solutions for eye surgeries in Belagavi.




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