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Cataract is a condition of the clouding of the natural lens of your eyes, which occurs commonly after the age of 40. Cataract is a result of the aging of your eyes. This causes blurred vision and affects your daily routine to a good extent. The safest and most efficient method to treat cataract is by surgery.

Cataract surgeries have seen a great evolution in the past two decades as it gets more safer and reduces recovery time, much lesser than before.

What is Zepto Cataract Surgery?

Zepto Cataract Surgery is an automated latest technology treatment procedure for Cataract.

It is a preferred option by surgeons worldwide due to its robotic precision, highest safety standard and reduced recovery time.It is commonly done by the “Zepto Capsulotomy Device”, which is attached to a world class console. This device is handheld and is disposable after the procedure. It is made of Nitinol Alloy and can be inserted through an incision, as small as 2mm, that makes it highly safe and precise. It uses high vacuum and precise energy pulses to perform the most accurate capsulotomy to give the best visual outcomes for patients.

Why do I choose Zepto Cataract Surgery?

  • Lowest recovery time for a cataract surgery

  • Highest safety standards

  • Latest advancement in the treatment of Cataract

  • Performs the most centered and precise capsulotomy

  • Preferred choice for treatment of Cataract worldwide.

How is Zepto Cataract Surgery different from a Conventional Cataract Surgery.

A conventional cataract surgery used an incision of about 3mm and most of the procedure depends on the dexterity of the surgeon. Most surgeons are highly skilled and the outcomes are almost positive, but with a Zepto Cataract Surgery, most of the complex procedures are automated, making your surgery relatively safer and have higher outcomes for success with an incision as small as 2mm .

How is Zepto Cataract Surgery different from a Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery.

  • Laser surgery involves tens of thousands of pulses and more energy where as a Zepto uses approximately only 12 pulses which is merely a fraction of a second, which derives a better capsulotomy result. It is also considerable gentler on your eyes. Laser procedures are usually longer than a Zepto and thus may cause inconvenience for patients.

Advantages/Benefits of having a Zepto Pulse Cataract Surgery.

  • One of the main advantages of a Zepto Surgery is that it is personalized for each individual eye.

  • Robotic Precision for incision and removal of natural lens.

  • Surgery time is considerably reduced when compared to conventional techniques.

  • The highest standards in terms of Quality and Safety for Patients.

  • The lowest recovery time for patients post surgery due to smaller incision.

  • The lowest rate of post surgery complications for any cataract surgery

  • Due to the robotic precision, it provides the best visual outcomes for patients.




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